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Home Safety
Home Safety

Making sure your home and physical environment are safe for your health and well-being

Do you want to feel safer in your home?

Home Safety

As you get older, some basic home maintenance tasks become frustratingly very difficult, if not impossible, to undertake.  However, if you are over 60 years of age, or have a disability, and are unable to perform and/or pay for critical maintenance of your home without receiving some assistance, there is some support available.

Home Assist Secure (HAS) is a service which can provide assistance to eligible people for home maintenance, repairs, minor modifications, such as; hand and shower rails, smoke alarms, ramps, lightbulbs and tap washers. You are also able to receive assistance with employing tradespeople to undertake such repairs or modifications and to plan future work. The aim of the service is to perform maintenance or modifications which relate to your health and your ability to remain in your home.

QAADS is a Government approved Home Assist Secure organisation and accordingly, we are able to facilitate a Home Audit and to also provide you with a comprehensive amount of information and practical assistance which will help you apply for eligibility to gain HAS assistance to maintain or modify your home.    

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Our range of home safety support services
  • Home Safety Audit

    Home Safety Audit

    Assessment of your home environment to ensure your safety and security
  • Home Modifications

    Home Modifications

    Significant home modifications relating to your health, safety or security
  • Home Maintenance

    Home Maintenance

    Taking care of the frustratingly mundane, but very necessary maintenance issues
  • Light Gardening

    Light Gardening

    Relaxing by keeping the outside of your home tidy, bright, warm and welcoming